Winter warming spa treatments to get you prepped for spring

It’s the time of year when we get ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to the welcoming warmth of spring. But if there’s one reason to love the cold, it’s the many ways we can escape from it. Who doesn’t love a hot toddy by the fire, a snuggle session in a mountain of thick blankets, or our favorite, a winter warming spa treatment? Icy temperatures, slushy commutes and runny noses may make us happy to see winter come to an end, but not without one last opportunity to indulge in a warming treat to get us ready for spring. Here are our spa favorites:

Body Polish

Slough off dead skin cells and get your endorphins pumping with a head-to-toe scrub that will have you springing up with the daffodils. Get comfortable on a warm massage table while your therapist applies a homemade polish comprised of natural, seasonal ingredients. Expect an invigorating rub with this treatment – the goal is to remove flaky, winter skin and bring new cells to the surface. Once you’re rinsed, you’ll be rehydrated with a blend of intoxicating oils for the ultimate in baby soft skin.

Mud Wrap

If supple skin sounds good, but deep muscle detox sounds better, a self-heating Sedona mud wrap might be just what the doctor ordered. Mud is a natural hydrator and detoxifer and can help awaken the skin while healing tight, overworked muscles. Special Sedona mud will be applied and absorbed into the entire body, followed by a refreshing shower and application of ultra-rich body butter to have you feeling restored, renewed, and ready to welcome the new spring season.

Chocolate Massage

If a winter warming treatment means ultimate indulgence, then a massage is for you. We all love a warm cup of hot chocolate by the fire, but a pampering massage with pure cocoa takes relaxation to a whole new level. Cocoa is a natural antioxidant and helps to rid the body of toxins and impurities while softening the skin and helping with cell regeneration. Indulge in this massage to heal your body of pain or soreness while giving your skin the ultimate boost of hydration.

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