What’s a Hammam Anyway?

Old World Wellness is Rediscovered in Brooklyn

If you’re a wellness junkie, the word “hammam” will most likely make you swoon. But for those who are still discovering the benefits of luxurious self-care, it might sound a bit foreign. If you’re nodding your head in agreement, you’re actually right. Foreign is exactly what makes hammam so special.

Hammam is an ancient bathing ritual most notably performed in Turkey, Morocco, and several other Mediterranean countries. The treatment is generally enjoyed in steps which include exfoliation, massage, and skin rehydration in a heated sauna or steam room.

Rather than simply a luxury, the goal of hammam is actually to give the internal organs a good workout by heating the body to drive out impurities and toxins. Many of us are familiar with a Finnish Sauna or a Russian Steam Room, but the hammam takes that concept one step further to truly get the blood pumping.

Back in its countries of origin, the hammam served as a place for local people to gather for a chat and discuss news or current events, not unlike the neighborhood bar or even a community pool in some areas. People of all ages enjoyed hammam as a regular weekly or even daily part of life, retreating to the baths after a long day of work or simply to catch up on happenings with friends. Only wealthy people bathed in private, which is more commonly how we experience hammam today.

So how does it work? Different cultures have different processes, all of which involve detoxification and heat. At Body by Brooklyn, we’ve borrowed rituals native to our favorite spa destinations from around the world to create an experience that’s truly unique.

We perform Hammam in our Turkish Aroma Steam Room, utilizing the therapeutic effects of inhalation therapy. The room has radiant heat and all the benches, the ceiling, and the traditional hearth stone table are heated to intensify the detoxification process.

While you lay on the hearth stone table, we first cleanse the body from head to toe with a Moroccan mint tea silt purifier. Next, comes an intense exfoliation using lemon coffee blossom and olive stone scrub.

Then, we slowly polish the skin with jasmine rose rhassoul clay which helps to draw out toxins and impurities. After that, we begin to re-oxygenate with orange quince mist.

A decadent massage with cardamom amber oil follows to help the muscles and mind relax and let go. Finally, tangerine fig butter cream is applied to deeply rehydrate the skin and lock in essential nourishment.

While not exactly the kind of hammam you’d experience in Turkey, this bathing ritual is super hydrating for the body and completely restorative for the mind. A must if you’re in Brooklyn, we invite you to come in to try it out. Book in October and receive 20% OFF all month long.

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