What can myoskeletal massage do for you?

If you are experiencing back or neck pain, then a session with a massage therapist certified in the myoskeletal alignment technique (MAT) could be what you need.

MAT is a type of bodywork often integrated into massage sessions. It's different from other techniques in that it takes a holistic view of the body's wellbeing, incorporating knowledge of both our muscular and skeletal systems to best relieve pain that could otherwise become chronic over time.

Practitioners of this technique understand that the modernized world is not conducive to a healthy musculoskeletal system, and that long hours hunched over a computer screen in the office sometimes creates unbearable pain and hampers our ability to function normally.

Professionals have observed that tight and stressed muscles limit the body's freedom of movement, and weak muscles deprive the body of support. These two factors cause stiffness, postural problems and chronic pain, which can luckily be treated and prevented by redefining the body's musculoskeletal alignment. Practitioners manipulate the fascia, muscles and skeletal system to align the body in an appropriate fashion so it can begin working as a whole once again, eliminating pain. Tight muscles are lengthened and weak muscles strengthened, so the body can return to a state of healthy neutrality.

This kind of bodywork is extremely helpful for people experiencing neck and back pain, or for those working in stressful jobs who feel that their body is being neglected. If you think you could benefit from a session with a massage therapist certified in musculoskeletal alignment techniques, call Body By Brooklyn today to schedule an appointment.

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