The Ultimate Spa Guide for Moms

Getting the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom, wife, or lady in your life can be stressful, so this year we’ve put together our list of favorite spa gifts to suit every personality and style. Check them out here and take the guesswork out of picking the perfect present.

The Adventure Mom

The travel lover in your life will be transported with a Platza, the traditional Russian body treatment performed in a steaming sauna. Not for the faint of heart, this experience involves being tapped and scrubbed with a traditional oak leaf brush soaked in a natural astringent. The process will open her pores, remove toxins and leave her feeling recharged and invigorated – especially after a finishing dip in the cold plunge pool!

The Corporate Mom

Taking on the world day in and day out can be exhausting for the body and mind. So for the workaholic woman in your life, a relaxing massage will really go the distance. We are super partial to a rub of the deep tissue kind, but a lovely relaxation session incorporating seasonal aromatherapy wouldn’t go amiss either. Either way, it’s 60 minutes of phone-free time, which might be just what she needs to get back in her groove.

The Family First Mom

If you have the kind of mom who puts herself last on the list, a relaxing, invigorating facial might be just what she needs.  Facials are one of our favorite spa treatments because, in addition to being luxurious, they also provide a solid dose of hydration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and give the skin a megawatt glow. We know that moms like ours would never treat themselves to pampering like this, but we also know how much they deserve it.

The 24/7 Mom

All that go, go, go can be exhausting, so for the mom who is constantly on the move, a luxurious hammam treatment is a perfect escape. This six-step exfoliating, detoxifying, and re-hydrating ritual uses exotic ingredients from around the world to pamper the body and relax the mind. Best of all? She won’t be able to help but let go of it all.

The Can’t Make Up Her Mind Mom

If you have a mom who is impossible to buy for, gifting a Wet Lounge Day Pass is the perfect way to give her a taste of luxury. She’ll love spending an afternoon in the company of a Swedish sauna, Russian sauna, Turkish bath, steaming hot tub and cold plunge pool, all with a cocktail in hand of course. Need we say more?

Don’t see something that suits your special lady? We have a ton of options to choose from, or you can let mom pick her own spa experience with a gift certificate. To book a Mother’s Day treatment, get in touch with us today or have a look at our special Mother’s Day packages.

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