The Power of Bamboo for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Holiday stress can take a real toll on our minds and bodies. From schlepping shopping bags all over town to hosting holiday parties and decking the halls, this time of the year can often feel more like a chore than a reason to celebrate. So why not treat yourself to a bit of “me time” with a hot new spa treatment that has everyone talking: a Bamboo-Fusion® Massage for the mind, body, and soul.

Massage can be one of the most popular forms of body therapy, with most people indulging in a treatment to either relieve pain or to relax. The Bamboo-Fusion® Massage is a treatment that combines the two, relying on the popular deep tissue technique to ease muscle soreness while applying the heat that’s mainly used in hot stone massages to provide relaxation for both the muscles and the mind. The combination offers a blissful treatment that takes care of stubborn knots and sore spots while melting away stress and rebalancing the chi in the body.

A Bamboo-Fusion® Massage begins with the guest lying face down on a table. The massage therapist will apply warm aromatherapy oil to the back, and then use a series of warmed bamboo canes to “roll” the muscles, loosening tight spots and relaxing any areas that are inflamed or causing discomfort in the same way that they would normally use their hands and forearms. The strokes performed by the therapist are similar to those involved in a hot stone massage, but the key difference is that because the bamboo is wood, it heats more gently and retains warmth for longer. Why is this better? Stone heats quickly and the temperature can be difficult to regulate, which can make the application of stones tricky since different people are comfortable with different levels of heat. Bamboo, on the other hand, heats gently, which enables the therapist to use the key benefit of warmed muscles to work deeper into the body while ensuring that the guest is comfortable and the treatment is balanced. Because the heat warms the muscles prior to the deep tissue work being done, the guest will not feel any soreness after the massage, which often happens in the days after an intense deep tissue session.

In addition to its heat retention properties, massage using bamboo is also beneficial because the canes offer a fluidity that can be difficult to mimic with the hands. Bamboo canes come in different sizes, from six to 16 inches, which can work to ease pain in large areas such as the lower back or can get deep into small, more difficult to reach areas such as the hip joints. A Bamboo-Fusion® Massage will include muscle manipulation on the entire back, followed by the backs of the legs and feet. The guest will then be asked to turn over so the chest, neck, belly and the fronts of the legs can be worked on. The treatment will close with a repetitive tapping using the bamboo canes to stimulate blood flow and increase circulation to the muscles.

For people who love the intense pain relieving technique of a deep tissue massage, but want to relax without the lingering soreness, the Bamboo-Fusion® Massage offers a perfect balance of restoration and relaxation to heal the body and reset the mind just in time for the holiday season. Want to try it out for yourself? Our Bamboo-Fusion® Massage is on special this month! Book a treatment for yourself or purchase one as a gift here.

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