The best spa inspired at-home beauty treatments

We all love a trip to the spa, but sometimes life, work and our wallets get in the way of allowing us to relax and indulge in some quality beauty time.

If a trip to the spa is out of reach right now, don’t fret. The Body by Brooklyn team has put together a cheat sheet of ingredients that will allow you to shine bright from the comfort of your own bathroom. It’s time to get ready for spring!

Avocado Facial

This fruit favorite is chock full of goodness that will help alleviate dryness, slow down the aging process and bring out your inner glow. Mash some avo with a tablespoon of honey or yogurt for a fresh, natural complexion.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Flaky, winter skin be gone! Combine a cup of brown sugar with a cup of coconut oil to slough off dead skin bring soft new cells to the surface. This one can make a bit of a mess, so be sure to apply and then rinse in the shower.

Egg Wash Conditioner

Give dry, damaged hair new life by mixing an egg with a few teaspoons of olive oil and massaging it into your ponytail. Wrap into a bun and leave the treatment in your hair for 20 minutes. Be sure to rinse with cool water – you don’t want your eggs to cook!

Tea Depuffer

Wearing that lack of sleep on your face? Use cooled, steeped tea bags to get rid of puffy under eye circles. Cooling teas such as peppermint and chamomile have natural anti-inflammatory properties that will help you keep last night’s antics hush-hush.

Apple Toner

Apples are rich in potassium, vitamin A and C and are a popular beauty ingredient for their healing and toning properties. Cut up one apple and place the pieces in half a cup of water. Bring to a boil and then remove from heat. When cool, throw away apple pieces and combine the water with a quarter cup of witch hazel. Voila, a revitalizing toner just for you!

These are just a sample of hundreds of at home beauty recipes you can try at home. What are your favorites? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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