Say So Long to Winter With Our Favorite Warming Spa Treatments

With icy temperatures outside and dry heat inside, It’s no wonder why so many people get run down and sick during this time of the year. While a tropical escape would be ideal, a vacation isn’t always possible for those of us with busy schedules and holiday debt. So why not try the next best thing – a winter warming spa treatment to help you relax and stay healthy while prioritizing some much needed “me-time”. Here are our top picks for a staycation at the spa:

Warming Mud Wrap

As the air gets colder outside, you’re probably tempted to crank up the thermostat at home or in the office. The constant changes in temperature as you move through your day can be tough on the body and especially your skin. That’s why we love a warming mud wrap during the winter months. This hot toddy for the body soothes dry, flaky winter skin and draws out any nasty toxins with its rich composition of minerals. Expect to be wrapped up tight in a warm cocoon of active mud, refreshed with an awakening warm water shower and hydrated with a thick layer of delicious body butter. The combination will keep your skin velvety soft and you’ll be ready to take on any weather that old man winter has on the way.

Red Flower Hammam

All that go, go, go can be exhausting. If you’re a guy or gal that’s constantly on the move, a luxurious hammam treatment is a perfect escape. This six-step exfoliating, detoxifying, and re-hydrating ritual uses exotic ingredients from around the world to pamper the body and relax the mind. Best of all? You won’t be able to think of anything other than being warm, toasty, and completely removed from the world outside.

Chocolate Massage

If you’re going to rehydrate dry skin, you might as well enjoy the process. Detoxify your body with an indulgent Chocolate Massage, a customer favorite that will leave your skin feeling good enough to eat. You probably knew that chocolate contains super powerful antioxidants, and the same rings true for this decadent body treatment. Lay back and relax while your massage therapist applies pure cocoa which will go to work flushing out any impurities while it encourages the regeneration of fresh, new skin cells. After 90 minutes of kneading away at sore muscles and releasing built-up toxins, you’ll leave feeling better than new.

Steam, Soak and Sauna

A trip to a spa might seem like a luxury, but water therapy is actually an age-old healing ritual that has been proven to help people with aches and pains, muscle fatigue and circulation problems. In the winter months, a sauna and steam can also help fight off cold and flu symptoms and give the respiratory system a necessary boost. We love the wet lounge as a way to open our pores, breathe more easily and relax with friends and family while healing our bodies. While most spa treatments are recommended monthly, we indulge in this one once a week!

Dying to escape to someplace warm this January? Body by Brooklyn has a Russian River Rock Sauna, Swedish Sauna, Turkish Steam Room, and Thermal Hot Tub, plus an extensive menu of massage, facial, and body treatments for singles, couples, and groups! Staycation with us and revitalize your body, mind, and soul.


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