Saunas have been promoting relaxation for centuries

For centuries, societies around the globe have recognized the therapeutic value of steam rooms and saunas. In many countries, they were used as a natural method for healing relaxation. Steam baths were created by the Greek empire, which ultimately led to their becoming prevalent throughout both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome.

The high temperature in a steam room causes you to sweat, which leads to the release of harmful toxins in your body. In addition, this process can also aid in weight loss and can lead to clearer and softer skin, by opening up your pores.

It can even help you breathe better. The air in a sauna opens up breathing passages, which reduces congestion. The humidity thins and opens mucus membranes, which alleviates pressure and leaves your chest feeling marvelous. For sufferers of asthma and bronchitis, this is an invaluable help.

At Body by Brooklyn, we recognize the vital health benefits offered by hot and cold water therapies, which is why our famous "Wet Lounge" area provides clients with services such as the Swedish Sauna and Turkish Aroma Steam room to flush out toxins and energize their bodies and minds. All of our guests have access to this fantastic area for just a single small fee, no reservations required. Stop by and soak up the therapeutic benefits!

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