Replenish your skin with Tangerine Fig Butter Cream

Nourish your skin with a natural combination of fruit and plant extracts, essential oils and shea butter. Red Flower, a botanical beauty product provider, offers the Tangerine Fig Butter Cream for those looking to protect their skin from cold autumn nights. 

Tangerine Fig Butter Cream is made from replenishing ingredients, like black olive butter and fig extracts, along with essential oils such as jasmine and tangerine. When applied, the therapeutic oils from this cream promote a bright and natural balance to your aura and sooth your chapped skin.

These creams originate from the ancient tradition of anointing one's skin with fragrant oils and minerals. Aromatherapy, which is still extremely popular today, not only seeks to heal the body, but also works to bring about inner harmony.

One of the ingredients, cold-pressed shea, was pressed from the fruit of magnolia trees, making it high in iron, protein and a variety of necessary vitamins to penetrate and take care of your skin on the inside and out.

"Shea butter is full of nutrients, including vitamin A, which has many healing properties and has been known to aid in treating blemishes, wrinkles, eczema and dermatitis, as well as burns and even stretch marks," How Stuff Works explains. "Shea butter is also packed with antioxidants like vitamin E , as well as polyphenols and phytonutrients."

To permeate your skin with waves of hydration, stop by Body by Brooklyn today to purchase a jar of Red Flower's Tangerine Fig Butter Cream. Just one use of this luxurious cream will revitalize your tired skin.

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