Our Five Favorite Spa Treatments for the Blushing Bride

Weddings can be stressful, especially for the bride and groom. With all the planning, organizing and financial obligations, the lead up to the big day can take its toll, leaving the special couple feeling drained before the celebration even starts. So in the spirit of wedding season, we’re highlighting some of our favorite tips to help you keep calm and carry on – all the way to the aisle.

Practice Meditation

Most people think it’s easier said than done, but carving out even just 15 minutes per day for quiet, reflective time can make a huge difference. If you’re a newbie, there are tons of apps dedicated to Meditation 101 and just those few minutes of routine every day can help you release stress and improve your sleep patterns.

Alone Time

Wedding planning is enough to drive anyone crazy so set some time aside for just the two of you. We love the idea of recreating your first dates on a weekly schedule where wedding talk is completely off limits. Spend time telling stories, reliving memories, and reminding each other of all the reasons you’re getting married in the first place.

Pump Iron

Find a fun fitness routine that you both enjoy and take the opportunity to sweat it out. Whether it’s a run, gym session, or personal trainer for two, spending time exercising will help reduce stress, boost your feel-good endorphins and help you get fit for your big day.

Spa Selfie

We’re certainly partial to a relaxing day at the spa. There’s nothing more romantic than a couple’s massage followed by a bottle of champagne and an indulgent bubble bath. If you can’t get to the spa, recreate the experience at home. However you do it, a night of pampering is a romantic way to wind down and reconnect with your main squeeze.

Have a Laugh

Nothing combats stress better than laughter. Book a show at a comedy club, order a funny book, or have some friends over for a Cards Against Humanity or board game night. With all the fatigue that comes with wedding planning, an evening of giggles with your guy or the gals might be just what the doctor ordered.

Taking some time for yourself and your future hubby is all about gaining perspective, and with a clear head, everything will fall into place. Don’t forget that it’s your day and in years to come the little details won’t matter. If you can stay focused on feeling fabulous and making the most of the special day, everything will be perfect. Happy Wedding Season!

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