Our Favorite Spa Tips to Keep Your Cool During the Holidays

With the holiday lead-up in full swing, the stress of the season can make this month seem more exhausting than enjoyable. To help manage all the worry, we have put together our favorite tips to help you put a bit more magic into the holidays with a little bit of self-love on the side.

Grateful Meditation

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be daunting. So instead of stressing, try this simple meditation technique. Take five minutes in the morning or evening to sit quietly and focus on your breathing. If you find your mind wandering, try to concentrate on specific people in your life who you are grateful for. Instead of worrying about what to get them for the holidays, take a moment to think about why they are important to you and what they bring to your life. You might just get inspired!

Meaningful Messages

Writing out dozens of cards is exhausting and pre-printed ones are often generic and impersonal. So this year, why not try to add a special memory or wish for the new year for the people who mean the most to you? Simple recognition of moments that matter is what the holidays are all about, even if it’s wrapped up in just a few words.

Body Balance

Lugging shopping bags all around New York City is tough on both the body and the mind. Take care of yourself by indulging in a warming foot bath or enjoying a lavender heat wrap around your shoulders. A simple tennis ball can be used to ease tension in tired feet and a foam roller works wonders on pain in the back. No matter what you do, be sure to incorporate little practices of gratitude into your holiday routine to thank yourself for getting through the day.

Embrace Tradition

Before Christmas became the retail sensation it is today, there was much to look forward to during the holiday season. Whether it’s baking and decorating cookies, enjoying carols, building a gingerbread house, making your own wreath or garland, checking out a holiday lights tour, or simply playing in the snow, doing something carefree and fun with the people you love is a great way to forget about the stress of the season and enjoy a meaningful moment away from the pressures of the holidays.

Stress-Free Staycation

All the rigamarole of the holidays is exhausting, so why not take some time out just for you? Here at the spa, we encourage people to visit the Wet Lounge to enjoy the healing properties of the saunas, steam room, hot tub, and cold plunge pool. Add an indulgent massage or facial to the mix and you’ll be revitalized in no time. Better yet, bring the friend that you’ve been trying to schedule a pre-holiday coffee with. A little time out for a few laughs and a double dose of relaxation will have you feeling like a new person in no time!

Body by Brooklyn is open regular hours except for Christmas Day and New Years Day. Indulge in a soak and steam or try one of our holiday specials. Gift certificates are also available for everyone on your list!

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