Make the Most of Spring Exercise With A Spa Recovery Plan

With warmer weather and the Brooklyn Half Marathon on its way to town, many of us have kick-started our workout routines to get our summer beach bodies back in action. But with a new exercise regimen also comes aches, pains and muscle fatigue that make it just a little tougher to get back into the swing of things.

At Body by Brooklyn, we have athletes from all over the borough who come to the spa for some post-workout relief and to help heal those pesky pains that come from pounding the pavement after a long hibernation. Trust us, we know it’s hard enough to get out there, so we want to help with some ideas to help your body recover from new workout aches and pains. Let’s get started!

No matter if you’re running, working the weights, or rocking studio-based exercise like pilates, barre, or yoga, those first few sessions will undoubtedly leave you with some serious stiffness. Often times, when our bodies start something new, our muscles will suffer from microscopic tears, which manifest into mild to severe soreness. Over time, as our bodies get conditioned, our muscles will get used to what’s going on, but in the beginning, the pain can be enough to have us throwing in the towel. So how do we mitigate the pain? Good question. Our advice? You have to take the plunge.

Our Cold Plunge Pool was one of the most popular spots at the spa after the Brooklyn Half Marathon last year and for good reason. Cold water and ice work to reduce inflammation, which is what happens after your muscles have been strained. By applying an ice pack or taking a dip in a cold pool, you decrease blood flow to affected areas of your body, which will help to lessen any swelling and reduce pain.

Another great remedy for post-workout pain is the hot tub. While not recommended immediately after a workout, this spa favorite can be a great way to loosen tight muscles and reduce post-exercise soreness the day after a big session. If you decide to jump in the tub directly after a workout, remember to drink plenty of water as exercise and a hot tub session combined can be dehydrating and lead to cramping.

Finally, let’s not forget the best spa treatment, a deep tissue massage. This massage will help to increase circulation, stretch connective tissue, improve range of motion, eliminate lactic and uric acid build up, and shorten your recovery time. Plus, it feels amazing too!

So there you have it! Exercise is such a great activity for both the body and the mind, so don’t let your first workout be your last. Make sure you stretch thoroughly, start slow, and give yourself proper time to heal and recover. We look forward to seeing you at the spa and good luck to all the runners!

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