Live Longer, Relieve Your Stress

It's March and banks all over Wall-Street are getting stress-tested. Let them take the burden for a bit while you address the stress in your life and go for a spa day with a couple close friends. It's no secret that stress can negatively affect your health and well-being. However, advances in science are  further illuminating its harmful consequences. 

Stress influences our mood and biochemically "impacts almost every system in our bodies," according to the American Psychological Association. Take for instance, the musculoskeletal system: when the body is stressed our muscles tense up. Evolutionarily, these sort of responses were not meant to last for long periods of time but instead relieve themselves when the stressful moment passed.

Today, adults and even children experience chronic stress because of the high demands we place on ourselves. Known as the "fight-or-flight" response, this tensing up leads to increased adrenaline and an increased heart rate. Chronic physiological stress makes the body work much harder than necessary and serves to exhaust the body, creating the conditions for cardiovascular complications and body aches.

According to a study conducted by Yale University, chronic stress "caused by adverse life events reduces grey matter in the prefrontal cortex. This region of the brain is responsible for self-control and emotion regulation."

The study continues to state that smaller brain volumes have been linked to "increased mood disorders, like depression and anxiety, as well as increased risk taking behavior and substance abuse." These types of consequences can affect your concentration in your work life, your sexual life, and your own personal enjoyment of the everyday.

Life is too short (already) to make it even shorter by being stressed out. Address your stress, and enjoy a massage with hot stones, or aromatherapy, or try another style at Body By Brooklyn which offers Swedish, Shiatsu, Deep tissue and the best Facials in New York. 

Friends don't let friends experience chronic stress, so make a day of it and rent out the space for you and your buddies. Body By Brooklyn offers services to help you with self-care and much more. Enjoy it!

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