Keep On Your Toes With These Tips for Post-Marathon Recovery

Congrats are in order for all our amazing NYC Marathoners, but did you know that it can take two to three weeks for the body to recover from this type of long-distance run? Do yourself a favor and follow these tips to ensure that you can avoid injury and rebound in time to start preparing for your next big challenge!

Right After The Run
  • Fuel Up. Running 26 miles burns up nearly everything in your body, so make sure you stock up on carbohydrates, energy bars, bananas, and sports drinks to give your body back the nutrients it needs to replenish itself.
  • Cool Down. Believe it or not, a 55-degree bath is a great way to help your lower extremities recover. You can fill your tub at home with cold water or come by the spa for a quick dip in our cold plunge pool to help stimulate the blood vessels in your legs.
  • Keep Loose. You might not feel like moving around too much after a running a marathon, but keeping your limbs loose with a walk or swim will help reduce the possibility of injury, cramping, and pain.
The Day After and a Few Days After That
  • Stay Warm. Enjoy some time soaking in a warm bath, hot tub, or jacuzzi to help ease tension and reduce pain.
  • Stretch It Out. A simple stretching routine to support your muscles is always a good idea, especially if you have to return to a desk job right after your run. Try to get up and stretch as many times during the day as possible.
  • Roll it Out. If you don’t have a foam roller, get one. It’s one of the best ways to ease tension from tight muscles.
  • Keep Up the Carbs. Carbohydrates and protein do a great job of helping to repair deteriorated muscles. Get your fill of fruit too, the Vitamin C and antioxidants can help to boost your immune system.
Four Days to One Week Post Marathon
  • Treat Yourself. After a few days, you can safely indulge in a sports or deep tissue massage to help heal areas that are causing you muscle pain or prolonged tightness.
  • Hit the Pavement. Now is the time when you should start to ease back into running again. A marathon can be very debilitating and getting back in the game too early can lead to serious injury. Listen to your body and be sure to take it slow at first.
  • Be Patient. If you’re a regular runner, it will likely take a few weeks for you to get back to full power. Take it slow and steady instead of jumping right back into pre-marathon training. It’s better to come back strong than not be able to work out at all due to an injury that could have been prevented.

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