Five Reasons Why Massage is Good for Your Health

While a massage certainly feels amazing, did you know it comes with a host of other health benefits for both the body and the mind? That’s right – no matter if you enjoy Swedish, Hot Stone, or Shiatsu, all you need is a good knead to give your body and brain a major boost. Here are five of our favorite massage benefits from the therapists right here at Body by Brooklyn. 

Less Stress

Massage has been known to soothe anxiety and depression by giving the mind a chance to relax and unwind. Human touch is also hugely comforting. In fact, a 2005 study showed that women with breast cancer who received massage therapy three times a week reported less stress and worry while undergoing treatment. 

Headache Medicine

Chronic headaches and migraines can be incredibly painful and one of the best ways to ease symptoms is actually through massage. Bodywork done by trained professionals includes manipulating trigger points in the body which can relieve tension and minimize pain. 

Better Sleep

Massage is incredibly relaxing and regular therapy can help people get a better night’s sleep. Many essential oils used in massage such as lavender and bergamot calm the mind and get the body ready for rest. Believe it or not, even infants who receive frequent massage from their parents are more restful during the night. 

Improved Posture

If you find yourself slumping and slouching, regular massage can train the body to realign and reposition itself, giving you a healthier back. As massage loosens tense muscles, the joints benefit from more movement and the body can reverse the damage done from bad habits. 


Massage can even help you from getting sick this winter! Bodywork increases circulation, assists blood flow, reduces inflammation and can relieve the body of toxins. All that energy helps the body perform at its peak which can help to ward off the flu or common cold symptoms. 

Is a massage in your regular self-care routine? At Body by Brooklyn, we offer nine different massages that can be enjoyed regularly through our Treatment Series specials. Book one today and get your body and mind on the path to optimum health. 

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