Five Mind-Body Boosting Therapies For Uncertain Times

Being bombarded by news about coronavirus day in and day out can make anyone start to feel panicked. With restrictions, quarantines, and canceled events, it looks like we’re in for a roller coaster of confusion before we get a handle on this developing reality. If you’re looking to escape the stress of the new every day, here are our five favorite healing therapies that treat both the mind and body to help you relax.


We love the mental and physical benefits of yoga which produces happy hormones, decreases stress, and gives our whole body an amazing stretch after too many hours in front of the computer. Plus, poses learned in class can be used anywhere outside the studio which makes for a great mini-break any time of day. Namaste.

Massage Therapy

Of course, massage feels amazing but did you know that it can help the mind too? Research suggests that symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression may be positively affected by enjoying a massage. Athletes love our deep tissue treatment to get into tense, tight muscles, but therapies such as hot stone are also popular for serious relaxation.

Tai Chi

This ancient Chinese modality has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to move the body mindfully. Through slow motion poses and deep breathing, tai chi can boost your mood and decrease anxiety. What we love is that it can be practiced by anyone from mature adults to people recovering from surgery. Think of it as meditation in motion.


Energy healing is becoming more popular, which is interesting since many practices are hundreds of years old. The Japanese method of reiki transmits “Universal Life Energy” through a trained practitioner who will use his or her hands to emit energy without touching. Devotees say the practice speeds healing, induces relaxation and can release emotional blockage.

Steam Bathing

Enjoying a session in the steam room is beneficial for the skin, internal organs, and the cardiovascular system. It also helps to decrease blood pressure and lower cortisol, the hormone that’s released when the body feels stressed. When cortisol drops, people feel more relaxed and in control.

At Body by Brooklyn, we love helping clients escape the pressure of every day. We are currently booking massages, facials, and body treatments in our private rooms while taking the utmost care to ensure that our guests are comfortable and well-cared for. Our VIP Suite can also be rented to enjoy a private jacuzzi and steam shower with or without a spa treatment.

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