Wet Lounge

Body by Brooklyn is one of the only spas in New York City that offers a full European-style Wet Lounge to complement your spa treatment or to enjoy as a standalone experience. Stay for an hour or the entire day and indulge in the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy, which includes a Russian Sauna, Swedish Sauna, Turkish Aroma Steam Room, Thermal Hot Tub, and Cold Plunge Pool.

Russian Sauna

Built with several tons of river rock, the Russian Sauna will detoxify and relax the body while stimulating the mind. With an average temperature of 190 degrees, the Russian Sauna is also an excellent way to improve circulation and support the body’s immune system. Enjoy a Platza treatment while basking in the heat or just relax while the body naturally detoxifies.

Swedish Sauna

The traditional wood sauna is an amazing way to relieve stress and release tension. With an average temperature of 150 degrees, this sauna helps the body release aches and pains and calm the mind. A customer favorite for calming, restorative contemplation and meditation.

Turkish Aroma Steam Room

Utilizing the therapeutic effects of inhalation therapy, the Turkish Aroma Steam Room is the ideal place to sweat out toxins and detoxify the skin. The room has radiant heat and all the benches, ceiling, and the traditional Hearth Stone table are heated to intensify detoxification.

Thermal Hot Tub

Melt away the day’s stress with a relaxing session in the Thermal Hot Tub. Heated to over 100 degrees, this hydrotherapy is popular for muscle pain and to relax after a particularly stressful day. Get comfortable with a cocktail in hand and close your eyes as you ease into a state of bliss.

Arctic Cold Plunge Pool

After so much heat therapy, put on a brave face and take the plunge into the 52 degree cold pool, a perfect complement to our other Wet Lounge treatments. The Cold Plunge Pool will constrict the blood vessels, jumpstart circulation, and increase efficiency in the body’s organs. The ultimate rejuvenator!

The B3 Cure

To enhance the healing powers of the Wet Lounge, we recommend alternating heat therapy treatments with a dip in the cold plunge pool or a blast from the cold showers. Alternating hot and cold therapy accelerates the natural cleansing process of the body and encourages a healthy immune system. Water, juices, and other beverages are also available for rehydration.

Wet Lounge entry is $54 per person on weekdays and $64 per person on weekend and public holidays and reservations are required on the weekend. All entries are allow for 3 hours per visit. All guests who book a treatment of 60 minutes or more can enjoy 2 hours of the Wet Lounge complimentary. Robes, towels and private lockers are provided, but please bring your own swimsuit and flip-flops or you can purchase them from our front desk.

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