Even zombies need a spa day: Zombie film shoots at Body by Brooklyn

Even zombies need a day at the spa, especially one that includes Body by Brooklyn's high-quality massage treatments. The cast and crew of the film "Simbi Zombies" thoroughly enjoyed their time filming a sequence at our exquisite spa, specifically citing our staff's warm welcome and the elegant atmosphere.

Written and produced by Dae Hoon, a New York-based director known internationally for his cinematography, this film used the facility to showcase a major moment where the leading female character, Jo Bin, undergoes a thorough spa makeover and leaves looking stunning.

The film twists traditional zombie-style stories, showcasing the negative side-effects that unnatural foods have on society. All of this is accomplished with a plot involving half-siblings and their quest to pursue their love of music in the middle of an apocalypse.

"As unnatural foods begin to kill the world, a Brooklyn grunge singer reluctantly joins forces with his demure K-pop half-sister (who plays bass) to evolve into a hipster buzz band, but when their philosophies clash to the death, a cougar reggae producer resurrects them to open for The Grand Zombie's comeback," the film's Facebook page reads.

This movie is recommended for music fans, natural food enthusiasts and zombie lovers alike. It explores the zombifying side effects of altered foods and the redemptive power of companionship, all set to a compelling soundtrack that fuses grunge-rock, K-pop and reggae. 

If you're a fan of any of those things, or simply want to feel the rejuvenating, healthy benefits of high-caliber spa treatments, book your treatment with Body by Brooklyn today!

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