Do This One Thing for Sultry Spring Skin

Have you ever wondered why our skin gets so dry in the winter? We’re mostly covered up and hidden from dehydrating culprits like the sun, so what gives?

Just like the rest of our body, our skin is its healthiest when it has enough water. Winters are notoriously low in humidity so the natural moisture in the air is lower than other times of the year. Add in cold temperatures, drying heat, and brutal wind and our bodies get stripped of their optimal water content. Once that natural moisture is lost, the skin reacts by getting dry, flaky, red and irritated. 

Of course, no one wants yucky dry skin come spring, especially as we begin to shed some layers of clothing. So what can we do to re-hydrate and get our moisture levels back in check? Here are a few tips. 

At The Spa

Our favorite spring treatments are body wraps that use active ingredients such as mud or seaweed. These remove dead skin cells and infuse fresh ones with plenty of water. A body wrap will usually begin with a scrub to get rid of dead skin cells that have built up during the winter. Once those have been removed, you’ll likely be painted from head to toe in a mask which helps enrich the skin with vital nutrients. Once the mask is applied, you’ll be wrapped up in a cocoon, allowing the active ingredients to rehydrate the body. You will then be rinsed and nourishing butter will be applied to seal in all that wonderful hydration.

At Home

If you can’t get to the spa, you can perform an exfoliating treatment at home to get rid of pesky dead skin cells. We love brown sugar, oatmeal, and honey scrub, or you can use olive oil, rosemary and salt depending on your sweet or savory preference. Standing in the shower, wet your skin with warm water and apply the mixture of your choice. Rub the body from head to toe in slow, circular motions and rinse thoroughly. After you’re dry, apply body oil or butter to help protect those fresh new skin cells. 

Final Thoughts

Exfoliating is key to optimum skin health, whether you treat yourself to a day at the spa or do it at home. Our skin acts as a barrier to keep bacteria and viruses out so we want to make sure we protect it the best we can. Do yourself a favor and carve out a bit of “me-time” this month to give your skin the love and care that it deserves. 

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