Do massages reduce stress related to work?

Everybody suffers from some form of stress, whether it's from work or simply the pressures of everyday life. While some of it is temporary, like sitting in traffic or moving to a new house, chronic stress can wear down the body over time. 

Stressed individuals tend to suffer from tight muscles, which can be extremely uncomfortable and painful when working all day. In addition to stress causing the body to tense up, it can also increase the risk factors for serious illnesses and disease tremendously, according to Livestrong.com. Regular massage treatments can combat these issues and help American workers feel happier and more relaxed.

"The American Psychological Association states that stress may also be chronic … It is not necessarily the event, but rather your body's response to the event that causes stress," Livestrong.com writes. "When the brain senses any kind of stress, your heart rate and blood pressure rise, and your muscles tighten. Feelings of stress that continue for long periods have a detrimental effect on the body. Massage helps you relax, calming the mind and body and relieving your stress."

If you are stressed at work, or in your daily life, contact Body by Brooklyn today to book an appointment for one of our exquisite massage treatments. One of our expert massage therapists will knead your worries away, leaving you feeling calm and at ease.

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