Chocolate – A Super Ingredient for Stunning Skin

It is known worldwide as the ultimate indulgence, but believe it or not, chocolate is also one of the best topical moisturizers, with powerful hydration properties that will leave your skin feeling good enough to eat (without all the excess calories).

You probably know that chocolate contains super powerful antioxidants, and the same rings true when using it as a decadent body treatment. Imagine lying back and relaxing while a massage therapist applies pure cocoa to your skin, which immediately goes to work flushing out impurities while encouraging the regeneration of fresh, new skin cells. Talk about bliss!

Chocolate naturally contains a high amount of caffeine which is great for stimulating circulation and enabling the blood to flow better through the body. It also contains theobromine which works to burn fat and gets rid of cellulite. And those powerful antioxidants? They help the skin to repair by fighting off free radicals that can damage the cells and cause premature aging.

Besides getting the blood flowing and giving the skin a powerful dose of protection, the oils that are found in cocoa butter are amazing moisturizers that can give rough and ruddy post-summer skin a powerful punch of all-natural hydration. And did you know that just the smell of chocolate sends signals of euphoria to the brain, causing an uplift in mood and a feeling of satisfaction without ever taking a bite?

Saying goodbye to beautiful summer weather can be tough, so why not enjoy a brain booster that feels amazing and soothes the body without the guilt? If you’re looking for luxury, a chocolate massage might be just the remedy you need to get your body and mind ready for fall.

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