CBD Massage Comes to Clinton Hill

This month the spa is buzzing with the launch of our brand new CBD Massage, a detoxifying and pain-relieving Swedish Massage that uses Happy Buddha Hemp oil to penetrate deep into the muscles and alleviate acute pain. We asked Happy Buddha Hemp Licensed Massage Therapist Erin Hillery to tell us a bit more about CBD Massage and what Body by Brooklyn guests can expect from this exciting new treatment.

Tell us a little bit about the CBD Massage.

I myself was skeptical about using CBD oil but when I began applying it during sessions with clients, the feedback they were giving me was undeniable. People felt more relief immediately after the session. They were able to move easier and with a lot less pain. I also heard many people say that the results from sessions would last longer when using the oil.

What results did you notice as a massage therapist?

The muscles relax a lot faster. I have some clients with long-time injuries and their muscles are so locked up that I don’t have time to spend anywhere else. Prior to using CBD oil, we would spend two to three sessions working on one problem area. Since I started using CBD, it takes about half the time to relax the muscles. Now I can give clients a more balanced experience that’s pain-relieving and enjoyable.

Once you started using CBD on your clients, what did they notice during a session?

A lot of my clients commented on how relaxed their bodies became and that there was a lightness that they could feel both physically and mentally. When muscles are very tense, a massage done correctly can be painful for some people. It’s the only way to get the body to let go of the tension it is holding onto. Since CBD enables the muscles to release more quickly, clients are able to enjoy the massage more when they are receiving the treatment. There also seems to be less soreness and tenderness in the days afterward.

Who do you think can benefit from CBD?

I’ve seen first hand what a difference it can make for so many people. I see clients who use it to combat aggravation from sedentary jobs and others who use it as part of their marathon training recovery. Anyone who experiences pain should give it a try. I have older clients who can pick up their grandkids again and distance runners who have seen their times improve with faster, shorter recoveries. Even migraine sufferers see amazing results. Once people get past the stigma, they can begin to see wonderful benefits.

How do you recommend your clients to use CBD at home for their own self-care?

Body by Brooklyn carries Happy Buddha Hemp Oil in the spa so clients can use it at home in between sessions. It’s amazing to add to a bath or even to use as a spot treatment for sore muscles and stiffness. I find that I sleep better if I use it at home as part of my bedtime routine.

Body by Brooklyn now offers a 60 and 90 minute single and couple’s CBD Massage with Happy Hemp Buddha Massage Oil. Best of all, it’s 20% OFF for the month of September. The full line of Happy Hemp Buddha products can also be purchased at the spa. Learn more and book your appointment – you have to try it to believe the results!

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