Six Tips to Enjoy Thanksgiving Without Overdoing It

We love Thanksgiving for the food, family, and football, but overeating on the big day can be tough on our bodies and our minds. This year, avoid the bloating, indigestion, and sluggishness with our top tips on how to enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling like a stuffed turkey. Read on:

  1. Try to keep your eating as normal as possible and don’t skip breakfast. Too many people get excited about all the wonderful foods they can indulge in, so they won’t eat anything at all until the main meal. Don’t let this be you! Have healthy breakfast to keep you on track and enjoy small portions instead of filling your plate to the brim.
  2. Get some morning exercise. This can be tough if you’re the cook, but a session at the gym or even a brisk walk will give your brain a little reminder that you want to stay fit and fab today and every day. Another walk after the main meal is a good idea too – it will aid in digestion and help you to feel more refreshed and energized.
  3. Make sure you have lots of color on your plate. We all love turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes, and since it’s a special occasion you should be able to enjoy those treats. However, try to keep those foods to half a plate and fill the other half with leafy greens, beans, fruit, and other vegetables. If your plate is all whites and browns, you’ll have to rethink your color palette.
  4. Help yourself digest. Drink lots of water before, during, and after your meal and enjoy a hot tea made with ginger or peppermint to give your belly a digestive boost. Here’s an extra tip – ginger or mint can also help to relieve heartburn, bloating, and (ahem) flatulence.
  5. Try to get back to your normal eating and exercise routine as soon as possible. If you are the host, send leftovers home with family members, and if you’re a guest, accept a small doggy bag but don’t be tempted to take a week’s worth of food with you. It’s ok to enjoy a special occasion, but don’t let it send your normal routine out the window.
  6. Finally, don’t let Black Friday be your excuse to sit around shopping online and watching movies. Get out to the stores, or better yet, skip the shopping and do something just for you. Enjoy a walk in the park or come to the spa for an aromatherapy massage with mint or orange oil. After all, Thanksgiving marks the countdown to the holiday season, so do yourself a favor and take some “me time” while you can.

Do you have some favorite holiday tips and tricks to avoid overeating? We’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We’ll be closed on Thanksgiving Day but open regular hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We hope to see you then, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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