Autumn Beauty Ingredients We Love

Have you noticed a change in your skin recently? The drop in temperatures followed by an Indian summer and then days of rain can make us all go a little cuckoo, but the drastic changes in weather can also deplete our skin of the vital nutrients it needs to stay healthy and glowing.

You might think that seasonal trends are just a way for brands to sell more products, but did you know that many autumn-inspired beauty ingredients can actually deliver a huge dose of goodness for your skin? That’s right, there are a few fall ingredients that go well beyond the marketing hype to deliver many more benefits than that irresistible pumpkin spice latte you’ve been crushing on the way to the office. Let’s take a look at our four favorites.


What would October be without pumpkin patches and jack-o-lanterns galore? But did you know that pumpkin contains powerful enzymes that eat up all those pesky dead skin cells that can be tough to get rid of this time of year? Plus pumpkin also contains huge doses of Vitamin A and C to boost collagen production and give the face a lovely glow. For people suffering from acne, pumpkin contains zinc which is key to controlling hormone levels and oil production. We love it so much, we use it in our popular Pumpkin Enzyme Facial all year long. Best for: giving yourself a hydration boost

Brown Sugar

Sure, it makes for a sweet treat, but brown sugar is also a wonderful, natural exfoliant and moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling super smooth. Use it for a body scrub, polish dry, flaky lips, or mix it with peppermint oil for an uplifting scalp treatment. Best for: sloughing off dead skin cells


Sure it makes a delicious addition to any Thanksgiving stuffing, but did you know that pomegranate contains antioxidants powerful enough to keep skin hydrated and acne free? We love it because it reduces inflammation from breakouts and its high concentration of vitamins K and C, potassium, copper, zinc, and iron meaning that it can protect the skin from visible aging while reversing damage from the sun. Best for: protecting the skin from aging and environmental damage


The juice of this super sour fruit contains resveratrol, an acne fighting compound that has the ability to kill off bacteria and control the formation of sebum, or oil produced from the glands in your skin. Second only to blueberries, it also contains power antioxidants which make it an effective tool for anti-aging. We love to use it as a simple facial tonic for a refreshing mid-day boost. Best for: controlling acne and oily skin

With so many options to choose from, what will be your autumn pick for glowing skin? Drop us a line on Facebook or send us a comment on Instagram! Also, check out our spa specials for glowing skin and book your appointment today!

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