A Spa Gift for Every Kind of Mom

With Mother’s Day coming up, a spa experience is a great way to show the special lady in your life just how much you care. But trying to figure out what type of treatment she’ll enjoy can be tough! So to help you choose, we have rounded up our favorite treatments for every kind of mom – from the adventurous to the downright exhausted – to make planning something unique a little bit easier for you.

The Boss Lady

Taking on the corporate world day in and day out can really take a toll on your body and mind. So for the workaholic woman in your life, a relaxing massage will really go the distance. We are super partial to a rub of the deep tissue kind, but a lovely relaxation session incorporating seasonal aromatherapy wouldn’t go amiss either. Either way, it’s 60 minutes of phone-free time, which might be just what she needs to get revved up to tackle her next big deal.

The Generous Giver

If you have the kind of mom who puts herself last on the list, a relaxing, invigorating facial might be just what she needs.  Facials are one of our favorite spa treatments because in addition to being luxurious, they also provide a solid dose of hydration, reducing fine lines and wrinkles to give the skin a mega-watt glow. We know that moms like ours would never treat themselves to pampering like this, but we also know how much they deserve it.

The Experimenter

Give your best gal a good old-fashioned schvitz with Platza, a traditional Russian body treatment performed in a steaming sauna. She’ll be tapped and scrubbed with a traditional oak leaf brush which is soaked in a natural astringent to open her pores, remove toxins and leave her feeling good as new – especially after a finishing dip in the cold plunge pool!

The 24/7 Sister

Let’s face it – being on the run all the time leaves little time to take care of yourself. For a relaxing treatment with some energy, we love a melt-worthy body scrub to sod off dead skin cells and deliver a big boost of hydration. Combine it with a couple of hours in the sauna and steam room and you’ll have a new woman on your hands. Plus she’ll have super soft skin just in time for summer!

To book a special experience for someone in your life, check out our monthly specials or let your loved one choose with one of our Body by Brooklyn gift certificates.

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