A Global Spa Escape Without Leaving Brooklyn

While most spas offer a relaxing massage or an invigorating facial, it can be challenging to find a facility that brings the world’s most exotic and indulgent treatments together under one roof. From the cocoa plantations of Central America to the social saunas of Turkey, we’ve scoured the globe to bring the most fulfilling spa experiences back to Body by Brooklyn. Here is our must-try list for 2020:

Come Clean, Russian Style

If you’re a fan of body scrubs, get ready to kick it up a notch. Our signature platza is a traditional Russian bath treatment that was used by royalty to rid the body of aches and pains, diffuse cold and flu symptoms, and detoxify the skin. Today, platza is part of everyday life for most people in many Eastern European countries and has become a popular way to socialize with friends and neighbors.

What can you expect?

Using an oak leaf brush soaked in a herbal astringent called a venik, the platza master will begin scrubbing and tapping the body from head to toe. The combination of steam, heat, and exfoliation helps rid the skin of toxins and impurities and allows the pores to open up. We’ll admit that the platza is not for the faint at heart, but don’t worry. Before you can think about tapping out, you’ll be led to the cold plunge pool for a quick dip back to reality.

30 minutes $85

A Massage Good Enough to Eat

You may not know that Body by Brooklyn is located in a former chocolate factory which is where our Signature Chocolate Massage got its roots. That’s right, you are about to be covered from head to toe in chocolate, which has super-powerful antioxidants that tighten and tone the skin, boost circulation, and reverse free radical damage. Plus it smells just heavenly!

What can you expect?

Lie back and relax while a massage therapist applies pure cocoa to your skin, which immediately goes to work flushing out impurities. Besides getting the blood flowing and giving the skin a powerful dose of protection, the oils found in cocoa butter give rough and ruddy winter skin a powerful punch of all-natural hydration. And did you know that just the smell of chocolate sends signals of euphoria to the brain, causing an uplift in mood and a feeling of satisfaction without ever taking a bite? Talk about bliss!

90 minutes from $197

Discover an Ancient Ritual

Hammam is a traditional bathing experience that’s popular in Morocco, Turkey and many other countries around the world. Enjoyed as a social part of everyday life, a traditional hammam is all about getting clean in spectacular fashion. Your skin will never feel so good.

What can you expect?

Performed in our Turkish Steam Room, you will be shown to a hearth stone, a large marble slab where the treatment takes place. The body is prepared by spending time adjusting to the high heat and humidity before your therapist begins a rigorous scrub, removing dead skin cells to encourage oxygenation. This process is rinsed and repeated several times to allow for full detoxification of the body and a fantastic glow from head to toe.

30 minutes $85

Looking to escape to someplace warm this January? Body by Brooklyn has a luxurious Wet Lounge plus an extensive menu of massage, facial, and body treatments for singles, couples, and groups! Staycation with us and revitalize your body, mind, and soul.


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