3 reasons you should get a facial today

When was the last time you pampered yourself with a professional facial? Odds are, it’s been too long. Most women underestimate the importance of receiving regular facials, but the benefits really can’t be overstated.

Here are some reasons you should get a facial treatment soon:

  • Clear your pores the safe way: A professional treatment cleanses your skin in a way that you simply can’t achieve at home. Plus, professional extractions are completed in a sanitary, safe way that won’t put you at risk for increased pigmentation and acne scarring. Think about facials like your biannual trip to the dentist — every once in a while you need that professional touch to keep your body in great shape for the rest of the year.
  • Get educated with a personalized consultation: One of the best reasons to get a facial is to receive a personalized skin consultation. Everyone’s complexion is different, and that’s why it’s crucial you understand what your skin needs to look its best. “Getting a facial is important to understand how your skin works and how it reacts to stress, hormones, and the elements,” one skin expert told Teen Vogue. “People with problematic skin should book a monthly facial. At the least, getting one every season is recommended to keep the skin balanced.”
  • Take some “me time” and de-stress: We tend to stay busy taking care of everyone else in our lives, while neglecting our own health and happiness. Remember, you can’t be your best self if you’re running around town feeling tired and tense. Facials are the perfect way to unwind and treat yourself to some relaxation. As a bonus, de-stressing can actually help your complexion achieve that glow​ing look you’ve always wanted!

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