3 reasons to have your next bachelorette party at a spa

Hunting for bachelorette party ideas? Look no further than your nearest spa. Between the amenities, the ambiance and the overall atmosphere of fun, there's no better place to send your best friend off into marriage. Here are three reasons why you should consider it:

Everybody will get to relax: Just about everything about planning a wedding is stressful. Will the caterer be there on time? How many place settings should you buy? And just who is going to corral your drunk uncle Pete when he wants to take the microphone and serenade the crowd with his version of "Careless Whisper?" A little spa time allows the bride-to-be to put all of these logistics out of her mind and just bliss out. 

You'll look great after: Think about the last time you went to a bachelorette party that was little more than a bar crawl. Now think about the state you woke up in: makeup still on, eyes bleary and various substances of indeterminate provenance caked onto your clothing. After your spa day, the opposite will be true.  Every member of your party will feel refreshed, revitalized and looking even more gorgeous than when she walked in. 

It's fun!: There's nothing more important to a bachelorette party than everybody having a good time, and with a spa day, you'll have that opportunity. Manicures, pedicures and facials are all great times to chat with your gal pals and reconnect before the big day. You won't have to yell over loud music just to tell your best friend that you're so happy for her, and you can indulge in all the gossip you want, free of aggressive strangers. 

Looking to make your next bachelorette party extra special? Body by Brooklyn can help you plan a spa day to remember. 

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